Orbit - An Hg Podcast

What does AI mean to you? : Amr Ellabban speaks to Jon Krohn

Episode Summary

A catch-all term sweeping the tech world, 'Artificial Intelligence' couldn't be more exciting, daunting and, inevitably... vague. Thankfully Hg's Head of Data & Analytics, Amr Ellabban, learned his trade alongside Nebula.io Co-Founder and the host of the SuperDataScience podcast, Jon Krohn. From AlexNet's deep machine learning, to the human bias against self-driving cars and on to the opportunities and threats brought by the evolution of ChatGBT, should we be thrilled or concerned? Should algorithms be put in charge of home loan approvals or prison sentencing? How should humans adapt to the latest technological advances and make sure the new tools work for us rather than the other way round? Recorded at Hg's recent Digital Forum, Jon and Amr tell us not to panic.