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Data Science in Drug Development: Evaluate’s Jon Moser on what biopharma learnt about data science in 2020

Episode Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly disruptive for people all across the world, but has really thrown the spotlight on pharma companies. We’ve seen drugs designed and developed in record times. We’ve seen more collaboration between scientists, pharma companies and regulators than ever before – collaboration that has seen sharing of science, approaches and data. This has accelerated an ongoing trend in pharma, as pharma companies have become more and more data-centric and data-savvy. In this episode, Hg’s Amr Ellabban speaks with Jon Moser, SVP, Innovation, Research & Development at Evaluate, and explains how biopharma’s approach to data science has changed and what we’re likely to see going forward. Evaluate is a leading provider of commercial intelligence and predictive analytics to the pharmaceutical industry. Hg first invested in Evaluate in 2016.